Personal Training

For the person looking for a fitness program that provides guidance, motivation and accountability in a circuit-training format.

Personal Athletic Training

Our premium service: for the client who wants the top of the line, ‘hands on’ approach-we integrate sports medicine techniques, weight training and flexibility-for our ‘life fitness’ and sports specific programs.

Personal Training
Personal Training

Musculoskeletal Evaluation

This session consists of a full body musculoskeletal evaluation where flexibility and total joint range of motion are determined. Movement testing is the most comprehensive physiological joint motion evaluation in our industry. The test results are used as a tool for the trainer to get a full reading on each client to be used in each program design. These systematic guidelines set the foundation for safe, efficient and effective therapeutic exercise protocols. Clients affected with poor posture, Piriformis Syndrome, Sciatica, or other common athletic injuries and conditions can easily and quickly be assessed for functional movement, and then appropriately exercised.

Dynamic Movement & Flexibility Training

For the individual who experiences the pain of muscular tightness-therapeutic flexibility routines administered one on one promote unrestricted movement, providing a euphoric release of energy and freedom of motion.

Progressive sequencing of specialized flexibility exercises promotes fluidity of body motion and increased range of motion. Greater mobility allows your musculature to produce higher acceleration forces for power and improves deceleration capabilities for the dissipation of those energies decreasing your potential for injury.


In-Home Specialty Training

Work within the convenience of your home utilizing any of our products or services. Our trainers come highly trained with a wealth of knowledge of the body and exercises that can be applied anywhere including inside/outside your home or even at the beach! These sessions are for the highly scheduled or those that aren’t able to leave easily but know their health/fitness is top priority.

Executive Fitness Evaluation

This evaluation includes actively gathering physiological data to evaluate your current level of fitness as it relates to: Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate, Body Composition, Functional Movement and Core Strength Analysis, Musculoskeletal Assessment and Basic Metabolic Rate. This information is gathered in order to create an appropriate and individualized exercise prescription tailored to meet your specific needs and goals, as well as consulting and educating participants about prevention, maintenance, and healthy life style strategies.

Personal Training
Personal Training

Neuro-Muscular & Balance Training

Incorporating balance training within traditional strength exercises maximizes body awareness working complete muscle systems for all-around strength and coordination. Improve conditioning and timing of the neuro-muscular system for increasing the functional activities of daily living, or enhancement of sports performance.

Buddy and Group Training

Grab a friend, relative or even your significant other and have fun while being instructed through partner dynamic movements and flexibility training. Time flies by with this non-stop workout that will keep you smiling and sweating the entire session!

Personal Training
Personal Training

Applied Functional Training

Functional training provides the quickest and most dynamic physiological stimulation for the greatest improvement of muscular strength, balance, and joint stability. This newly developed training technique is truly the ‘cutting edge’ of physical training as it relates to improved performance and prevention of injury.

Personal Training
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