Professional Philosophy:

Steve’s 30 years of clinical rehabilitation experience and physical training culminate into a philosophical approach to exercise and rehabilitation. He is published, and lectures nationally on the subject. Personal Athletic Training SystemsTM - his systematic approach to exercise conditioning, integrates the science of Sports Medicine Rehabilitation with Personal Training and ‘Life Fitness.’ Movement testing (a physical evaluation of the musculo-skeletal system for flexibility strength and function) takes the guesswork out of program development and progression sequencing… The result: progressive, safe, effective and successful training programs.


“My life’s goal as an educator and athletic trainer has been to integrate the science of sports medicine rehabilitation and athletic training into the profession of personal training and movement education. I strongly believe our growing profession needs desperately a reproducible, systematic approach which teaches individuals to think and incorporate these integrations, without the aid of computers, grids or artificial means. Educators should empower others to teach and heal; using our minds and hands, as we endeavor to praise and uplift the spirits of those we come in contact with through movement education and exercise.”

    Steve Percy

Mission Statement:

We are committed to service that exceeds our client’s personal expectations. We will always create an environment of positive change that will contribute to the healing, physical development, and spiritual well being of our clients. We remain true to these commitments. If we fail, please tell us...If we succeed please tell your friends.

The Paragon Club - Personal Trainers

“The Quality Of Your Movement Determines the Quality Of Your Life.”

The Paragon Club, Personal Trainers

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